United States Senate 


Mark Ronchetti


I’m running to give people a voice they haven’t had in a long time. New Mexico deserves a Senator who has not been part of the problem, but someone who will always put New Mexico first.


Ben Ray Lujan


He currently serves as the Assistant Speaker in the 116th Congress and is the highest-ranking Hispanic in Congress.

 United States Congress 1 


Michelle Garcia-Holmes

People need jobs and they need to feel safe in their homes and their communities. We have to build a brighter future for New Mexico by addressing our economic needs and fighting the crime that has taken over our cities and towns. I will work hard to make New Mexico safe and strong. I come from a family that knows the value of a hard day’s work.


Debra Haaland


Congresswoman Deb Haaland was elected as one of the first Native American women to serve in Congress.

 United States Congress 3 


Alexis Johnson


Where is your voice? I stand with my fellow New Mexicans to advocate for our rights. We need a place at the table. Right now we have a monopoly of ideas in northern NM pushing socialist agendas. There are many citizens whose voices are not being heard.


Teresa Leger Fernandez


I know that together we love our planet, we love our nation, we love our beautiful land we call home, we love our families.

I am running for Congress to take bold action because now is the time to act to protect all that you and I love.

 New Mexico Senate 


John Clark - District 9


Ask. Listen. Deliver

Action words - three simple, yet powerful words that John Incorperates into his day to day life, both personally and professionally. And if you have ever met John, you would know that he believes that you should never complain about anything your not willing to do something about. And so the story beings...


Candace Thompson Gould - District 10

Candace Gould was raised by a military family who instilled in her the values of hard work, ethics, and service. Guided by conservative principles like personal responsibility and limited government, Candace is working in our State Senate to fight for our priorities


Lisa Meyer-Hagen - District 12

New Mexico is an amazing state unparalleled in beauty, climate, art, cuisine, lifestyle, natural resources AND its citizens. I believe New Mexicans are reasonable and most can agree on what is important for our communities to thrive: respect for life, public safety, opportunity for education, a fair tax system, economic growth, and equal opportunity. 


Michaela M Chavez - District 13

My name is Michaela Chavez. I am a proud resident of New Mexico Senate District 13, and I am running to bring your concerns to the Legislature.

Ryan A. Chavez - District 18

New Mexico has always been my home. I was born and raised here, and I deeply treasure our people, culture, landscapes, and everything else that makes the Land of Enchantment such a special place to live. 

John Morton - District 20

John is a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer, and Retired Federal Employee with a proven record of success.  John wants all New Mexicans to have the opportunity to live, work and thrive in a safe and productive state.

Sander Rue - District 23


I am currently serving my third term in the New Mexico State Senate, where it has been an honor and privilege to represent our families. Over the years, I have received numerous awards and recognition for my bi-partisanship and government transparency legislation.


Brenda Grace Mckenna - District 9

New Mexico cannot continue business as usual.  For too long, too many in the New Mexico legislature tell us what we can’t do. Now more than ever, we need leaders who will tell us what they will do for New Mexico’s children, working families, and retirees.


Katy M Duhigg - District 10

“I’m running for the New Mexico State Senate because I'll stand up to the big insurance companies in order to make health care more affordable and to protect those with pre-existing conditions.


Jerry Ortiz y Pino - District 12

American politician and social worker, currently serving in the New Mexico Senate, where he has represented the 12th district since 2005.


Bill B O'neill - District 13

American politician and a Democratic member of the New Mexico Senate representing District 13 since January 15, 2013.


Bill Tallman - District 18

American politician, currently serving as a member of the New Mexico Senate. Tallman previously served as Deputy City Manager of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Martin Hickey - District 20


My name is Martin Hickey and I am serious about health--your health, the health of the community, and the health of our state.


Athena Ann Christodoulou - District 21


I am the granddaughter of a coal miner, a retired U.S. Navy engineer, a scientist, a technology entrepreneur. I am also a mother, grandmother and wife.  All of these experiences have shaped my life and made me understand that the next chapter of my life should be in public service.


Harold James Pope jr. - District 23

I’m running for State Senate because New Mexico is at a crossroads; we can no longer allow our families to struggle and the state to languish at the bottom in national rankings, we need bold and visionary leadership, not the same ineffective policies.

 New Mexico 
House of Representatives 


Ellis C Mcmath - District 23


I am dedicated to common sense, compassionate, conservative causes.  I support right to life, 2nd amendment rights, small government, fewer taxes and more personal freedom for law abiding citizens. I am against government overreach and progressive socialist ideals.


Giovanni Coppola - District 68


Born and raised in New Mexico, Giovanni Coppola comes from a family of entrepreneurs and job creators. With a grandfather who served in Korea, his father served in Vietnam, and a brother in the Air Force, the Coppola’s are dedicated to service.

Adelious Stith - District 29


With the right leadership, we can create a mentorship & apprenticeship environment with our current business sector where every New Mexican can find opportunities to prosper. This will create growth and development in our district and state. 

Ali Ennenga - District 15


We have to break the chains of the poor educational systems failing our children, break the chains of our high taxes and horrific tax structure, break the chains of the anti-business climate, and absolutely break the chains of high crime!

Michael Hendricks - District 20


I believe that New Mexico can be the greatest state in the Union. It can be a safe and secure home that can foster flourishing citizens, families, careers, and businesses; however, in order for our home to reach its full potential, we must change our mindset and our leadership. 


Daymon B Ely - District 23


A member of the New Mexico House of Representatives, representing District 23. Ely assumed office in 2017.


Karen Bash - District 68


Karen believes that our communities deserve a representative that is committed to the needs of our community and not just the needs of the special interests.


Joy Garrett - District 29


I ran for the State House to be a fighter for our communities so they are better places for everyone to live. Now the work continues!

Dayan 'Day' M Hochman-Vigil - District 15


Dayan “Day” M. Hochman-Vigil serves as a New Mexico State Representative for District 15, which encompasses Albuquerque’s beautiful North Valley and NE Heights.

Meredith Dixon - District 20


I want to bring people together because I’m committed to the future of this state, and I know you are too. So, I hope you’ll join my campaign. It will take all of us, pulling in the same direction, to get New Mexico moving towards a brighter future.

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