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4601 Avocet Road Northwest
Albuquerque, NM, 87114
United States


Welcome to Church Alive in Albuqueruqe NM. Our mission is to reach people with God's love, restore everyone into the full fellowship of Christ and others, renew our minds to think God thoughts according to His word, and Reproduce the life of Christ in others. 


Scott Windrum

Scott and Shannon Windrum, Power Week June 12th through the 16th! Outstanding information on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit!

Power Week Description 

Scott and Shannon Windrum came and imparted very powerful information to the body of ChurchAlive. This took place June 12th through the 16th. You can download and listen to each session for free!


Thursday Night - 7:00 PM

Thursday Morning - 11:45 AM

Wednesday Night - 7:00 PM

Wednesday Morning - 11:45 AM

Tuesday Night - 7:00 PM

Tuesday Morning - 11:45 AM

Monday Night - 7:00 PM

Monday Morning - 11:45 AM

Sunday Night 6:30 PM

Sunday Morning - 11:00 AM

Sunday Morning - 9:00 AM

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