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4601 Avocet Road Northwest
Albuquerque, NM, 87114
United States


Welcome to Church Alive in Albuqueruqe NM. Our mission is to reach people with God's love, restore everyone into the full fellowship of Christ and others, renew our minds to think God thoughts according to His word, and Reproduce the life of Christ in others. 

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God Of The Underdogs

Series Description 

When Odds Are Against You, God Is For You

Have you ever felt like an underdog? Like you don’t have the ability or confidence to pursue your dreams? The Bible is full of ordinary people the world considered underdogs. Yet God chose them to do his work.

Men and women like Moses, Esther, King David, Samuel, Joseph, Paul the Apostle, and even Jesus. The stories and scriptures you’ll read will inspire you to face down the excuses holding you back, and you will be free to pursue your destiny as never before!

Maybe you’re thinking, My past is too dark. “But it’s your past,” Matt assures you. God of the Underdogs will show you that the Creator of the universe wants you to accomplish great things for him. He wants to use your life in a way he will use no one else’s. Don’t shrink back from your destiny; lean into it. The Bible says you are a friend of God. Beloved. Highly esteemed. Known. More than conquerors. God sees your potential. It is your inability, not your perfection, that makes you an underdog worth using in God’s eyes. So rise up, underdog! God has a special plan for your life.


Week 10 - Paul -  My Past Is Too Bad!

Week 9 - Abraham - I Don't Have What It Takes

Week 8 - Mephibosheth - I'm Not Connected To The Right People

Week 7 - Moses - I'm insecure

Week 6 - Gideon - Impossible Odds!

Week 5 - Jacob - My Label Is Holding Me Back!

Week 4 - Esther - My Chances Are Too Slim!

Week 3 - David - I'm Not Qualified Enough

Week 2 - John The Baptist - My Dream Is Too Radical!

Week 1 - Welcome and introduction

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