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4601 Avocet Road Northwest
Albuquerque, NM, 87114
United States


Welcome to Church Alive in Albuqueruqe NM. Our mission is to reach people with God's love, restore everyone into the full fellowship of Christ and others, renew our minds to think God thoughts according to His word, and Reproduce the life of Christ in others. 



Have you ever wondered about the Holy Spirit? Who is He? What does He do? Will he make me do crazy things? No matter what you may have heard, the Holy Spirit is real. the Holy Spirit is working in our lives today.

Fear hits us all in many different ways. It has many faces. When it hits, it can cause us to freeze. It can hold us back. It can keep us from entering into and operating out of the fullness of God. Maybe its a fear that you have lost sight of your hopes and dreams. Maybe its fear that you wont be able to survive a storm of life that you are currently facing. However its is that fear may be holding you back, know this. 

Fear is not what God desires for us. God is perfect love, and perfect love cast out fear. In fact, he says “Do Not Fear” 365 times, one for everyday. 

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